by minnie minus

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album art by nohemy herrera


released February 13, 2017

ty, elijah (first thought worst thought) for drums on thread and 7 and some vox on 7.
ty, paul joiner for some vox on 7.
ty, nohemy for the art.



all rights reserved


minnie minus Austin, Texas

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Track Name: thread
running along
fragile skin
that was the start
saw a light
with a kiss in the dark
you found my hands
that was the start

you breathed new life
into my dreams
i felt at home
what did it mean

i felt at home
Track Name: on the bench
this is a song for all who
carry on through the day
to end it in regret

you are waiting
you're tired
there's more to life than this

were you shut down when you were young and has that
carried on with your age
that's a mystery all its own

but you are tired
you're waiting
for something or else

your love, your time will come
as sure as
the sun will rise and sink
Track Name: 7
light the candle
illuminate the birthday girl's face
like the cold smile
of the full moon
see how it lights
the slides and the swings and the stones
on the playground

won't you stop looking back
the candle casts shadows

and it casts
a shadow that lasts
7 nights

the stars crash down
consumed by the dark
you tried so hard to smile
but you failed to play the part
Track Name: come and leave
a bird flew down
close to the ground
whose wings were designed
to come and leave
and let it go
it'll always leave

i can't think
of anyone else
who thinks worse of me
than i do myself

run in circles in my head
there's no end till i'm lying
listlessly in my bed
i sleep like i'm dead
then i wake up
pins and anchors fall upon my chest
i'm full of dread
am i better off without my dreams?

nobody can save me now
other than myself
so i will try
to fly in the eye
of the storm

i can't think
that anyone else
could love me more
than i could myself

dark outside
and then it resurrects
in just a sec
when you realize
all of the light is never gone
Track Name: cat tongue
do you ever think how brilliant a person might be
you can't know everything he thinks
disappointed you, but what was i supposed to say
now i know, but the moment's passed

ain't it weird how it's been so long since we've been metaheads
it replays like it's on a tape
all the good i recall, those memories are a medicine i take
i'm sick in my present state

mom, you're worried again
who knows when he'll be back again
dad, you're worried again
who knows